The Enville Tie

Bedouins v Enville Over 40s at Enville – Tuesday, 26 June 2012 Match tied Spratters writes: We hadn’t been told whether the game against Enville was home or away, so I took a gamble  and went to the home ground.  A 50/50 chance but luckily all the Beds were there, and the warm up routine … [Read more…]

The Boy Wonder….

Bedouins v Wilkes Tranter at Enville – Wednesday, 20 June 2012 Bedouins win by 80 runs Report by Spratters, who apparently has the Caps Lock jammed on his keyboard. I’d try and make it more legible but I’m pushed for time. Have I told you I’m going away? WITH ONLY NINE BEDS AVAILABLE, TWO YOUNG … [Read more…]

Bedouins go wild in the country

Kinlet v Bedouins at Moffat School – Wednesday, 13 June 2012 Bedouins win by 4 wickets This seasons skipper Branch kept his 100% winning record with an away win at Kinlet. It was a good team performance from the Bedouins in a game that was finely poised and keenly contested throughout and played in the … [Read more…]