Following the unanimous vote at the AGM for new gear, we have now taken delivery of the extra club shirts and new baggy caps. If you want one, t’other or both you will need to cough up £15 for a cap and £20 for a shirt. The caps are mostly one size although we did get a couple of smaller ones for those of you with little heads. Shirts are mostly large and extra large for obvious reasons. If you want any of this club merch, bring cash and we’ll do a deal out the back of my motor.

Jane Howells

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of John Howells wife Jane. Her funeral will be held on Thursday 14th April at the Methodist Church, Potters Cross, Kinver at 10.00am. This will be followed with a service at the Stourbridge Crematorium and a reception at the Fox Inn Stourton.

I’m sure all Bedouins send their sympathy and kind thoughts to John Howells at this difficult time.

Doing a Fisher

I’m sure we all felt a little sympathy for Ben Stokes at the Climax of the T20 World Cup final. Conceding 4 sixes in an over off your bowling in any game is traumatic for a bowler but did you know there is a technical term for this in the world of the Bedouin?

Originally it was known as ‘doing a Fisher’. It came about many years ago now and the exact details are a little sketchy but during one game, then Bedouin Paul Fisher, was hit for 22 or 23 runs from an over. He held the title for several years until this was surpassed by Mitch Neale who was hit for 24 runs in an over and hence the feat is now known as doing a Neale. How long before it’s known as ‘doing a Spratters’?

In case you missed it, here is Ben Stokes doing a Neale (sorry Mitch).

Fun in the sun


Thursday 31st March saw several of the Bedouin fraternity gather for the annual golf day, this time held at Sapey golf course and thanks and congratulations to John Davidson for not only organising the golf but the fantastic weather to go with it.



The first group teed-off on the Par 3 course (above) at 10.00am in glorious sunshine and it was Andy Schofield who scooped the prize after the 9 holes. A superb brunch followed at midday with the usual excellent fry-up before the first group of players were away on the 18 hole course around 12.45pm. There were the usual fun and games on the first tee to see who could get the ball away cleanly for their first drive. Some did, some didn’t. No names…

The sun continued to shine all afternoon and the course looked fantastic, particularly the Par 3 11th hole pictured top of page (did I tell you I parred that hole). There were the usual moments of hilarity – at one point I managed to hit the same tree, dead centre, on three consecutive shots, with the ball heading back behind me each time. Quality golf.


Left to right: John Davidson, Clive Betts, Mike Williams



Left to right: Mike George, Ian Armstrong, Adrian Susman, Richard Ferguson



Left to right: Lee Bywater, Paul Lippitt, Jon Stanier Snr, Jon Stanier Jnr.



Left to right: Phil Barnsley, Neill Smith, John Branch, Andy Schofield



Eventually all players made it back to the club house to gather for the prize giving. Four players finished with 32 Stableford points (all bandits if you ask me) but best front 9 went to John Davidson (recount please!); best back 9 John Stanier; John Branch was given the runners-up prize and the overall winner was Phil Barnsley (pictured below). All winners walked away with a bottle of wine. A great day and all for the princely sum of £20, what a great deal.