Spinners weave their magic

Bedouins v Beacon at Enville – Wednesday June 8 Bedouins win by 7 wickets One of the more remarkable aspects of the Bedouins meeting with Beacon CC at Enville on June 8 was the fact that it took place at all. At around 5 p.m. all over the West Midlands, the heavens opened. Roads were … [Read more…]

“Can we have our ball back, please”

Bedouins v Chancers at Envile – Wednesday, June 1st Bedouins lost by 48 runs The ball kept disappearing to the boundary, and occasionally over it, with alarming regularity as the Bedouins took on the Chancers on a typically freezing cold early June (!) day. The Beds received a pointed lesson in the less-than-subtle ways of … [Read more…]