Duck Supper 2017

Another raucous night was enjoyed at the Cat at Enville to mark the Bedouins end of season festivities. Those present numbered 15, or was it 17. I can’t remember, it’s all a bit of a blur. Mr Chairman had thankfully shrugged off his poor health and seemed to be in fine fettle as he recounted various goings on from the season, giving us the lowdown on what turned out to be the most exciting for many a year, with several games going down to the wire.

There was the usual picture quiz, which this year seemed to be fiendishly hard. A tie between team Hancock/Susman and team Lemm required a tie breaker, with the former snatching a lucky victory among shouts of “fix”.

The averages were closely fought again this season with Stanier winning the batting and Susman winning the bowling (full averages will be put on the website soon). Then the big award of the night, The John Warner Trophy, deservedly went to Jon Hill, for some superb performances with the bat, the usual exuberance of youth in the field and an almost unblemished attendance record for the season.

All in all another great night, no doubt to be repeated in 2018. If you didn’t make it this year, put a note in your diary. We’ll be looking at Friday 30th November for next year’s shindig.

Bedouins CC AGM 2017


HELD 7th NOVEMBER 2017 20.00 HRS

Chair Lee Bywater

In attendance: Adrian Susman (AS), Andy Hill (AH), Richard Spratley (RS), Austin Gregory (AG), John Branch (JB), Lee Bywater (LB), Neil Smith (NS), Mike George (MG), Mejdi Mabrouk (MM) and Jon Stanier (JS).

LB opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending.


Apologies received from B Susman, V Currie, N Moxon, P Barnsley, J Howells, R Morgan, I Woodhouse, T Hancock (TH), J Hill (JH), and P Lippitt


LB went through the 2017 fixture list gathering a general consensus as to whether the fixtures would be renewed in 2017.

During the course of discussions, all in attendance agreed that the Chancers team was exceptionally strong over the last couple of years and that perhaps this year a new fixture should be sought with a team of similar standard to the Bedouins.

AH indicated that J Hill would like to arrange a new Sunday fixture with Ashby Albion. AH indicated that although the team does not have access to their own ground, they are willing to travel to Enville.

LB reminded all those present that putting together a team for Sunday fixtures has been difficult in the past.

AS suggested that the club considers a new Sunday fixture to replace the Halifax SSP. This could be a ‘tour’ fixture around early August that has proved popular with Bedouins in the past. NS suggested a September tour as more teams would have availability. AS and AH agreed to investigate the option further.

LB in full agreement with those in attendance suggested the following fixtures for 2018:

Wednesday Fixtures

Kinlet (A)

Belbroughton (H/A)

Oldswinford (H/A)

Beacon (H/A)

Open GI (H)

Enville (H)

A Gregory XI (H)

Sunday Fixtures

Fossils (H/A)

Oldbury Old Boys (H)

Ashby Albion (H)

Kinlet (H)

‘New Tour’ Fixture (A) TBC

  1.  Treasurers Report

A copy of the Treasurers report was distributed to those present. Club funds are currently healthy showing a small profit for the year of £206.99 Total balance at present is £2621.65

As TH was unable to attend, further information on this item was deferred to the ‘Duck Supper’.


JB and NS indicated that as the club was financially healthy, subscriptions should be maintained at the current rate of £40 per year. All in attendance agreed.

JS suggested that new players should be given a limit on appearances until a subscription is paid. JS suggested that after three fixtures we should be requesting a subscription fee.

All in attendance were in agreement as long as our ability to field a team was not affected.



All current Officers are happy to continue in their roles and were unopposed.

LB reminded the meeting that BS has suggested that Bedouins appoint a Vice Chairman. This would be to cover very rare instances such as tonight where BS was unavailable.

JB suggested that AS was a worthy appointment. AS indicated that his Team Secretary and Communications Officer roles were keeping him sufficiently occupied and asked if another suitable candidate could be found.

MG volunteered for the role. AH proposed, LB seconded and none opposed.

MG is the new Bedouins Vice Chairman.

RS has agreed to continue as a match day contact point.


LB confirmed that the annual Duck Supper would take place on 24th November 2017, meeting at 1915hrs ready to sit at 2000hrs.

LB will contact the remaining Bedouins yet to clarify their attendance and gather remaining menu choices.

LB also requested clarification of the number of ladies attending the supper. LB will book a table for six.

  1.  NETS

LB asked MG for an update on the availability of winter nets.

MG advised that although his contact at King Ed’s had left her role, he now had a new contact point and was hopeful of securing the same weeks as last year.

AS pointed out that the shorter format of the nets this year had proved more successful and in fact gave us a small profit.

JS suggested that Oldswinford would be available for outdoor nets should Bedouins require any further practice.



The next Bedouins AGM will be held on Tuesday 6th November 2018.


Bedouins Tour

Covered in ‘Item 2’ fixtures

Cricket Teas

JB indicated that he was unsure if Sam was available to provide teas this season. AS agreed to contact to seek clarification.

New Recruits

JS suggested Mick Robertson and Martin Watts as potential new Bedouins.

JB also had a prospective new recruit.

MM indicated he would contact Keith to investigate his availability this season.

LB asked that all contact details be passed to AS.

Club Shirts/Hats

LB asked AS if we still had sufficient stock for the next season. AS stated that there was no need to order more shirts/hats at this point.

Cricket Balls

JB will continue to supply the cricket balls via Enville.

AS/LB stated that we were short of cricket balls for the new season.

JB stated that he will order a dozen balls.

LB asked RS about the trial of pink cricket balls for low light. RS said that he would purchase two pink cricket balls for the new season.

Golf Day

LB confirmed that he would approach J Davidson about arranging the Bedouins Golf day 2018.

All agreed that Sapey was the chosen venue.

AH indicated that the Sapey Golf club has new owners.

No other business raised, LB closed the meeting at 2125hrs.

Minutes L Bywater