A winning run!

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford, June 13th Bedouins won by 14 runs It’s known as “London Bus Syndrome” – you wait for ages for one to come, and then two come along together. So it is with the Bedouins. Having waited all season for a win, two come in rapid succession. Joy was unconfined (did … [Read more…]

At last! At last!

Bedouins v Kinlet, June 10th Bedouins won by three wickets On a fine June Sunday afternoon, when the Scots were beating the English (good grief!) in a 50-over international at Edinburgh, an even more sensational result was emerging from Enville. The Bedouins, who had been on as long a losing run as most historians could … [Read more…]

….. and so it goes on

Bedouins v Austin’s Army at Enville, June 6th Bedouins lost by 36 runs “Dear God. Will it never end?”, they cry. The “it” in this context is the Bedouins’ losing run – now five out of five, following a 36-run defeat by Austin’s Army. The length of the losing run is being compared, in some … [Read more…]

WIDE open gate at Belbroughton

Bedouins v Belbroughton Strollers at Belbroughton, May 30th Bedouins lost by 7 wickets Picture the scene. A perfect, pastoral English summer evening. The sun shining from an azure sky; maidens frolicking in the newly mown fields; birds twittering in the trees; all that sort of thing. Except it didn’t quite happen that way for the … [Read more…]