Bedouins AGM 2018

BEDOUINS AGM 2018 HELD 6th NOVEMBER 2018 2000HRS Chair Brian Susman (BS) In attendance: A Susman (AS), A Hill (AH), R Spratley (RS), A Gregory (AG), J Branch (JB), L Bywater (LB), Neil Smith (NS), Mike George (MG), and Jon Stanier (JS). BS opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending. APOLOGIES Apologies received from J … [Read more…]

The name’s Stanier, agent Stanier

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford, September 9th Bedouins lost by 8 runs “I know”, he said, “let’s have a decider with Oldswinford”.  The words of Jon Stanier, double agent. We fell for it. Bearing in mind that throughout this season Bedouins have contrived to make nothing out out something in the majority of games. All … [Read more…]

“After the ball was over …..”

Bedouins v Ashby Albion at Enville, August 19 Bedouins lost by 2 wickets After the euphoria (another word you don’t see very often in Bedouins reports) ….. After the euphoria (there it is again) of a win at Wombourne against Beacon – albeit a narrow one-run win – it was back to the old routine … [Read more…]

Beds fossilised

Bedouins v Fossils at Birlingham, July 22nd Bedouins lost by 8 runs In a season littered with “what might have beens”, the Bedouins travelled to the delightful Birlingham ground, near Pershore, for a Sunday afternoon game against the equally delightful Fossils XI and went down by just 8 runs. It was another of those defeats … [Read more…]

Catches don’t always ….. !

Bedouins v Belbroughton Strollers at Enville, July 18th Bedouins lost by 24 runs How often have you heard it? Cricket sages pontificating that “Catches win matches”. Well, as the old song would have it “It ain’t necessarily so” That point was well made in the Beds’ latest attempt to resurrect a largely losing season. The … [Read more…]

Seven 4s – on one leg!

Bedouins v Enville at Enville, July 4th Bedouins lost by five wickets After his enforced absence, owing to problems in the leg department, Bedouins skipper John Branch is back in fine form, in spite of continuing to do his fair impression of Long John Silver. Opening the batting with fellow returnee and “Ow, me back!” … [Read more…]

Beds lit up at Beacon

Bedouins v Beacon at Wombourne, July 25th Bedouins won by 1 run Yippee! A win. OK, only by 1 run, but a win nonetheless. Matches between the Bedouins and Beacon have a habit of producing close finishes. And they don’t come much closer than this one. The late-season fixture meant a number of late changes … [Read more…]

Record Beds score – 80 not out!

Bedouins v Celebs at Enville, July 1st Bedouins lost by 7 wickets Phew – what a scorcher! After many months in the planning, the only plan that could not be guaranteed was the weather. For once, the weather gods smiled, and the day was sun-drenched for this special celebratory match between the Beds and the … [Read more…]

A winning run!

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford, June 13th Bedouins won by 14 runs It’s known as “London Bus Syndrome” – you wait for ages for one to come, and then two come along together. So it is with the Bedouins. Having waited all season for a win, two come in rapid succession. Joy was unconfined (did … [Read more…]

At last! At last!

Bedouins v Kinlet, June 10th Bedouins won by three wickets On a fine June Sunday afternoon, when the Scots were beating the English (good grief!) in a 50-over international at Edinburgh, an even more sensational result was emerging from Enville. The Bedouins, who had been on as long a losing run as most historians could … [Read more…]