Duck Supper 2019

This year, Bedouins CC broke with tradition, taking the Duck Supper away from its long-term venue, The Cat in Enville, and ensconced themselves in Enville’s club house. Spratters volunteered a contact of his to do the catering, so everyone waited with bated breath to see whether the food would be up to the high standards […]

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Bedouins AGM 2019

BEDOUINS AGM 2019 HELD 5th NOVEMBER 2019 20:00HRS Chairman, Brian Susman In attendance: A Susman, A Hill, R Spratley, J Branch, L Bywater, P Lippitt, M George and J Stanier BS opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending. APOLOGIES Apologies received from J Hill, J Howells, A Gregory and A Hancock FIXTURES BS went through […]

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……. and the Dog ate the Chairman’s egg sandwich!

Bedouins v Kinlet at Kinlet August 18th 2019 – Bedouins lost by 13 runs We should have known what to expect. In the pre-match conversation between skippers, we learned that the home side required a “no retirement” rule for batsmen, instead of the usual 40-over match restriction of retiring at 50. Sure enough, Kinlet produced […]

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Beds make it 1-1 against Albion

Bedouins v Ashby Albion at Enville August 11th 2019 – Bedouins won by 27 runs Don’t panic, dear reader. The headline does not indicate that the Bedouins have dug out their old baggy shorts and solid-toed football boots, and fielded a side to take on the real-life Baggies. No, it’s merely that the series of […]

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Austin’s Army meets its Waterloo

  The Bedouins continued their run of good results with a 6-wicket win over Austin’s Army (fresh from its Wollaston barracks) on a Wednesday evening in which the light faded late on quite dramatically and a little more readily than the Army’s hopes of a victory. It was one of the Beds’ better run chases; […]

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“It never rains … “

Bedouins v Fossils at Enville July 28th, 2019 – Bedouins won by 4 wickets After a week in which headline writers were hugging themselves with glee as “Britain baked” under clear blue skies and in record temperatures, come the weekend and the Bedouins were due to meet the Fossils again in the return match at […]

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The Law of the Land

Bedouins v Enville at Enville July 17th 2019 – Bedouins lost by 30 runs It is a basic principle of the ageless and immutable law of landlord and tenant that the landlord should always win in the end. It would be taxing the memories of Bedouins cricketers to recall the last time that we (the […]

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England swings

Bedouins v Fossils at Birlingham July 14th, 2019 – Bedouins won by 111 runs “Engerland swings like a pendulum do; Bobbies on bicycles two by two” – shows how long ago those were the words of a current pop song (a major prize for anyone who can name the perpetrator of this 1960s hit, without […]

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“How very Bedouin”

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford July 10th 2019 – Bedouins lost by 2 runs The title for this report is taken from words uttered by Rich Ferguson as Bedouins clapped their victorious opponents off the pitch. He was right. Bedouins lost by 2 runs when with four overs to go in their innings, they looked […]

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Win for England …… and the Beds

July 3rd 2019 – Bedouins won by 6 wickets Just as the Bedouins were keeping an eye on the score from Chester-le-Street as England took on New Zealand for a place in the World Cup semi-finals, so the England players were being regularly updated on the Bedouins’ performance against Pedmore at Enville. They will not […]

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