Dos cervezas, por favor

Bedouins v Wilkes Tranter at Enville – Wednesday, 22 June 2011 Beds win by 9 wickets As this is being written, the skipper is packing his budgie smugglers and heading for sunnier climes so just a few brief notes from the game versus Wilkes Tranter. Team news: Hill A was still sidelined but Johnston made … [Read more…]

Beds go back to school

Kinlet v Bedouins at Moffatt School – Wednesday, 15 June 2011 Beds lost by 4 runs The Beds travelled over the water (the River Severn that is) to play Kinlet in the picturesque grounds of Moffat School. The usual conundrum of trying to get a team together for an away fixture and as a result … [Read more…]

Bedouins Dig Deep

Bedouins v Open GI at Enville – Wednesday, 8 June 2011 Bedouins won by 14 runs The Bedouins were made to dig deep last night to secure a victory against a highly determined but extremely sporting OpenGI team at Enville. For the Beds, Currie was still side-lined and Hill A. was struggling with injury although … [Read more…]

Lift off

Bedouins v Karl Aston XI at Enville – Wednesday, 25 May 2011 Bedouins win by 14 run The Bedouins finally got their 2011 season kick-started after two false starts. Higgs were supposed to be the opening fixture but pulled out too late in the day for us to find a replacement fixture. The second fixture … [Read more…]

It’s chilli oop narth

North Park v Bedouins at Brighouse – Sunday, 15 August 2010 Bedouins lost by 16 runs Bedouins packed their bags with the usual tour essentials (lagging, deep heat, fake sick – hang on, who forgot the fake sick?) and headed for Yorkshire to play North Park for the coveted Rasche Shield. It’s been a good … [Read more…]

Local Knowledge

Bedouins v Enville at Enville – Wednesday, 4 August 2010 Bedouins lost by 6 wickets Bedouins finished the last of their Wednesday night fixtures with a disappointing six wicket defeat against an experienced Enville side, skippered by none other than Bedouins opening bat Branch. Bedouins were forced to make a couple of late signings due … [Read more…]

Catches win matches II

Bedouins v Kinlet at Enville – Sunday, 25 July 2010 Bedouins won by 6 wickets Something strange and inexplicable is happening within Bedouins Cricket Club. All of a sudden after a few seasons of ham-fistedness of the first degree, the team has started to hold catches. After the six catches in the last game, another … [Read more…]

Catches win matches

Bedouins v Karl Aston XI – Wednesday, 21 July 2010 Bedouins won by 10 wickets Never before has the saying “catches win matches” been more accurate. Bedouins held an impressive 6 catches to skittle out a competitive Karl Aston XI and romp to a second 10 wicket victory of the season. For once the Bedouins … [Read more…]

Out of sorts

Bedouins v Pedmore House at Enville – Wednesday, 30 June 2010 Bedouins lost by 22 runs Bedouins welcomed back some absentees from the last few games for the home fixture with Pedmore House. Currie, George and Moxon all returned to the fold but it was not enough to rescue the Beds from another defeat in … [Read more…]


Kinlet v Bedouins at Moffat School – Tuesday, 29 June 2010 Bedouins lost by 71 runs After many seasons of trying, and having the game rained off, the Bedouins rolled into Moffat school in the wilds of the Shropshire countryside to play Kinlet in setting much akin to that of Enville. You could come up … [Read more…]