A Tie ….. and the Truth unravels!

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford, July 12th Match tied So, now the secret is out. Bedouins’ results this season had increasingly been pointing in that direction. But now we know. It’s all been part of an orchestrated plot to get rid of the chairman. There can be no other construction put on results that have … [Read more…]

Chancers? No chance!

Bedouins v Chancers at Enville, July 5th Chancers won by 62 runs Well, really! Fancy turning up for a meeting with the Bedouins with a team of actual cricketers! The Chancers produced a team consisting not only of batsmen with more than a hint of knowledge about the right end of the bat to hold; … [Read more…]

Credit where credit’s due

Whilst posting the two latest match reports, I notice that they say “buy Kiddybee” (my alter ego) at the top. I wish to make it clear that it is Mr Chairman who concocts these reports, not I. There was a time when I did and believe it or not, that played a part in getting … [Read more…]

“It’s the wrong ball, Gromit”

Bedouins v Fossils at Enville, July 2nd Bedouins drew with Fossils “There was a young man from Devizes Who had balls of two different sizes. The one that was small Was of no use at all, But the other won numerous prizes.” After their meeting with the Fossils, the Beds know how the young man … [Read more…]

Have a heart, fellas!

Bedouins v Austin’s Army at Enville, June 21st Bedouins won by 1 run A reminder to all regular Bedouins – your beloved chairman and long-time resident of the Enville scorebox, had open heart surgery no more than a few years ago. Yet here you are subjecting him to three of the tightest finishes imaginable during … [Read more…]

The one-ball bowler

Bedouins v Kinlet, at Enville, Sunday June 11th Bedouins won by 39 runs Poor old David Pearson. Our sometime treasurer made his usual 3-hour round trip from Derbyshire to take part in Sunday cricket with the Bedouins, but “taking part” this time meant a third-ball duck followed by a bowling spell that lasted just one … [Read more…]

“You need hands …”

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Enville, May 24th Bedouins won by 14 runs To use a literary allusion (a novelty at the start of a Beds cricket report), “It is a truth universally acknowledged” (Austen, J.) that it is generally preferable to stop a well-struck cricket ball with your hands rather than the end of your … [Read more…]

2017 fixtures announced

Bedouins can now look forward to kicking off their 2017 season with a home fixture against Beacon on Wednesday May 10. Not long then for our creaky old squad to limber-up, strap-up and try and eradicate all those little strains, pains and knocks. With 15 fixtures confirmed against some tough opposition, the Beds will need … [Read more…]