A winning run!

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Oldswinford, June 13th Bedouins won by 14 runs It’s known as “London Bus Syndrome” – you wait for ages for one to come, and then two come along together. So it is with the Bedouins. Having waited all season for a win, two come in rapid succession. Joy was unconfined (did … [Read more…]

At last! At last!

Bedouins v Kinlet, June 10th Bedouins won by three wickets On a fine June Sunday afternoon, when the Scots were beating the English (good grief!) in a 50-over international at Edinburgh, an even more sensational result was emerging from Enville. The Bedouins, who had been on as long a losing run as most historians could … [Read more…]

….. and so it goes on

Bedouins v Austin’s Army at Enville, June 6th Bedouins lost by 36 runs “Dear God. Will it never end?”, they cry. The “it” in this context is the Bedouins’ losing run – now five out of five, following a 36-run defeat by Austin’s Army. The length of the losing run is being compared, in some … [Read more…]

WIDE open gate at Belbroughton

Bedouins v Belbroughton Strollers at Belbroughton, May 30th Bedouins lost by 7 wickets Picture the scene. A perfect, pastoral English summer evening. The sun shining from an azure sky; maidens frolicking in the newly mown fields; birds twittering in the trees; all that sort of thing. Except it didn’t quite happen that way for the … [Read more…]

Beacon shines – Beds sleep on

Bedouins v Beacon at Enville, May 23rd Bedouins lost by 7 wickets Consistency is a valuable commodity in any team game. The trouble, at the moment, is that the Bedouins appear to have forgotten that consistently losing is not quite as valuable. With a batting display that, in some of the more erudite national dailies, … [Read more…]

“158 ought to be enough”

Bedouins v Kinlet at Kinlet, May 16th Bedouins lost by 5 wickets When the Bedouins rattled up 158 for the loss of just two wickets against Kinlet on the Moffats School ground at Kinlet, the talk in the dressing room (AKA the wooden shed at the back of the pavilion) was to the effect that … [Read more…]

“Is anybody there?”

Bedouins v Oldswinford at Enville, May 9th Bedouins lost by 8 wickets There’s poor light. And there’s bad light. And then there’s the Stygian gloom in which most of the Bedouins’ opening game of the season – against Oldswinford, at Enville – was played. You can tell how dark it was – the scorer had … [Read more…]

Duck Supper 2017

Another raucous night was enjoyed at the Cat at Enville to mark the Bedouins end of season festivities. Those present numbered 15, or was it 17. I can’t remember, it’s all a bit of a blur. Mr Chairman had thankfully shrugged off his poor health and seemed to be in fine fettle as he recounted … [Read more…]

Bedouins CC AGM 2017

BEDOUINS AGM 2017 HELD 7th NOVEMBER 2017 20.00 HRS Chair Lee Bywater In attendance: Adrian Susman (AS), Andy Hill (AH), Richard Spratley (RS), Austin Gregory (AG), John Branch (JB), Lee Bywater (LB), Neil Smith (NS), Mike George (MG), Mejdi Mabrouk (MM) and Jon Stanier (JS). LB opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending.  APOLOGIES Apologies … [Read more…]