News Round-up

Happy New Year Beds. Bit late, I know. Thought it was time for a quick round-up of Beds happenings over the last couple of months. Duck Supper Firstly, the Duck Supper back in November was a raging success again. Good food and plenty of banter. Lee walked away with the Warner Trophy for Bedouin of … [Read more…]

Bedouins AGM 2016

BEDOUINS AGM 2016 HELD 1st NOVEMBER 2016 2000HRS Chairman, Brian Susman In attendance: Adrian Susman, Andy Hill, Richard Spratley, Austin Gregory, John Branch, John Howells, Lee Bywater, Neil Smith, Richard Ferguson, Mike George, Tony Hancock. BS opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending. APOLOGIES Apologies received from V Currie, J Hill, J Stanier and P … [Read more…]

Rob Lock

It is with great personal sadness that I must pass on news of the death of Rob Lock. Rob played for the Bedouins around 2011, and brought with him a great knowledge of the game. Not only that, he was a good bloke to have a round, as was his father who often came to … [Read more…]

“I enjoyed the splash”

Bedouins v Beacon at Wombourne, August 3 Bedouins won by 8 wickets Most normal people would simply enjoy hitting a six. At Beacon’s beautifully manicured ground, where a straight hit can often finish in the canal that runs alongside the ground, there is the prospect of the added frisson (look it up!) of watching the … [Read more…]

Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!

The more observant of those that turned out for the Bedouins (or the OWOBs come to that) may have noticed a figure lurking around the boundary rope during last Sunday’s game with Oldbury Wells Old Boys. That lithe body was Mike George who was stalking and taking photos of the action. He has been kind … [Read more…]

“Is this how you catch, dad?”

Bedouins v Oldbury Old Boys at Enville, July 31 Bedouins lost by 16 runs “My son, Richard, will play. He doesn’t play cricket, but he’ll gladly make up the numbers.” Thus David Pearson when we were struggling to get an 11 together for the Sunday game against Oldbury Old Boys.. That led to the highlight … [Read more…]

Bedouins’ Retirement Party

Bedouins v Pedmore House at Enville, July 27 Bedouins win by 54 runs If Saga had got to know of the number of retirements going on at Enville on July 27, they’d have been down there in force, with their full array of leaflets about financial affairs, no-fly cruises, and coach tours for the elderly … [Read more…]

Landlords 1, Tenants 0

Bedouins v Enville at Enville, Wednesday July 13 Bedouins lost by 3 runs The annual meeting between the Bedouins and those who occupy the ground that they hire for “home” games ended in a narrow – and boy, was it narrow – win for the Enville side.  There were just three runs in it.  Another … [Read more…]

Ewe must be kidding!

Bedouins v Kinlet at Kinlet – Sunday July 10 Bedouins lost by 5 wickets “Sheep may safely graze.” That’s as may be, but when they start to show signs of ganging up on the skipper’s parked car – again! – the line has to be drawn. The attractive Kinlet ground at Moffat’s School is surrounded … [Read more…]