Doing a Fisher

I’m sure we all felt a little sympathy for Ben Stokes at the Climax of the T20 World Cup final. Conceding 4 sixes in an over off your bowling in any game is traumatic for a bowler but did you know there is a technical term for this in the world of the Bedouin?

Originally it was known as ‘doing a Fisher’. It came about many years ago now and the exact details are a little sketchy but during one game, then Bedouin Paul Fisher, was hit for 22 or 23 runs from an over. He held the title for several years until this was surpassed by Mitch Neale who was hit for 24 runs in an over and hence the feat is now known as doing a Neale. How long before it’s known as ‘doing a Spratters’?

In case you missed it, here is Ben Stokes doing a Neale (sorry Mitch).