“You need hands …”


Bedouins v Oldswinford at Enville, May 24th

Bedouins won by 14 runs

To use a literary allusion (a novelty at the start of a Beds cricket report), “It is a truth universally acknowledged” (Austen, J.) that it is generally preferable to stop a well-struck cricket ball with your hands rather than the end of your nose. It is a precept to which Andy Hill will now readily attest.

Here was A. Hill thoroughly enjoying a return to a regular Bedouins spot, after some years nursing a – medical term here – “badly bent back”, and hitting 27 not out in a 50-run stand with son Jono, when Spratters delivered what looked suspiciously like a half-volley to the Oldswinford opening batsman, who promptly despatched it, full pelt, at the unfortunate Andy Hill, standing fairly close at mid-on. The ball ran through his outstretched hands and straight into the Hill hooter. At least he had the decency to sink to his knees, thus ensuring that the blood spatter was not too widespread on the hallowed Enville turf.

We were all mightily relieved when he was able to walk off, ice pack clutched to the throbbing proboscis, for an early shower and the chance of an early pint – it’s an ill wind …..

It had all been going so well for the Beds. After the early departure of Ian Woodhouse (at least he now has an average), Jon Stanier confirmed suspicions that he had been on the red meat again by hitting his erstwhile Oldswinford colleagues for six boundaries and a six in his 32 (retired). Adrian Susman also passed 30 (runs, that is, not age!) and, with Jono Hill hitting 28 not out, in company with his dad, the Beds’ total reached an excellent 144 for 4 after 20 overs.

Oldswinford made a slow start to their reply, largely due to Spratters justifying his previous “parsimonious” tag, by bowling four overs for just 8 runs and one wicket, well backed up by late substitute Lee Bywater, whose four overs cost only 17 runs. The visitors could not quite reach the required scoring rate and, with one run out and one wicket for newcomer Ray Bate (a catch behind, by John Howells after a late review, from the last ball of the innings). The final total of 130 for 3 left Oldswinford 14 runs short of the Beds total.

Bedouins 144 for 4 (Stanier 32, Susman 31, J. Hill 28 not out, A. Hill 27 not out, Branch 13)

Oldswinford 130 for 3 (Spratley 1 for 8; Bate 1 for 15)

Bedouins beaten by Beacon ….. Bugger!


Bedouins v Beacon at Enville, May 10th 2017

Bedouins lost by 7 wickets

The first game of the 2017 season “went down to the wire”, as the saying goes, before the Bedouins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Visitors Beacon scored the winning run off the final ball of the last over in a game in which the home side appeared to be cruising to victory at one stage. But Beacon managed to get just the right pair at the crease at the vital time to accelerate the scoring rate and enabling Mr Beacon, Alan Green, to hit the winning runs off the last ball of the 20th over.

In spite of playing out the first over as a maiden, the Beds made a good start to their innings. Ian Woodhouse has clearly decided that running between the wickets is not a good idea; his 31 (retired) included seven boundaries and one six, to add to just one single. At the other end skipper JB was more inclined to deal in singles, but had his share of boundaries too in 30 (retired).

John Howells contributed a brisk 15 and Jon Stanier 23 not out, as the Beds completed their 20 overs with a reasonably competitive total of 113 for 4.

Lee plays through the pain barrier

Having confessed to the skipper that he was carrying an injury, Lee Bywater was immediately, of course, asked to open the bowling. He responded well – in spite of great pain (he says) – with four overs for 21 runs. At the other end, Spratters was even more parsimonious (look it up!) in completing four overs for just 10 runs.

Spratters in full flow

After seven overs, Beacon had just 32 on the board, but they managed to step up the scoring rate, in spite of losing one opener to a smart bit of stumping by John Howells, and a second wicket to a run out. Austin Gregory was the only wicket-taking bowler for the Beds (2 for 17).

The visitors needed two runs off the last ball to win, and Alan Green was able to pull it to the boundary to complete the seven-wicket win.

Which just left the Bedouins and their visitors to enjoy the fruits of Sam Chambers’s first — and very successful — effort at provision of a Beds buffet. Top marks for eggy sandwiches!

Bedouins 113 for 4 (Woodhouse 31, Branch 30, Stanier 23 not out, Howells 15)

Beacon 116 for 3 (Gregory 2 for 17)