Pass a few minutes of isolation with our 80s music quiz. Post your score in the comments at the bottom of the page! And no Googling…


#1 What was the second biggest selling hit single of the 80s after Band Aid?

#2 Name the band.

#3 What was the highest chart position achieved by New Order’s “Blue Monday” in 1983?

#4 Name the band.

#5 The song was “I’m in love with a German film star”, who was the band?

#6 Who had a one hit wonder in 1986 with “Brilliant Mind”?

#7 Name the band.

#8 Which record label’s stable of bands included Bauhaus and Pixies?

#9 Madonna reached number 3 in the charts with “Like a virgin” in what year?

#10 Which 80s band was fronted by Sal Solo?

#11 Mark Hollis (pictured) died in 2019 at the age of 64. Which band did he front?

#12 Which band had their one and only chart hit in the summer of 1983 with “The first picture of you”?

#13 Name the synth duo who were “Living on the ceiling” in 1982

#14 Name the band who became the first ever to top the newly formed UK Indie SIngle Chart in 1980 with “Where’s Captain Kirk?”

#15 In which year did Kylie hit the top of the charts with “I should be so lucky”?

#16 Who sang the lyrics on Dire Straits single “Money for nothing”?

#17 Who was the lead singer of Heaven 17?

#18 In which year did Yazoo split up?

#19 Which band did Wayne Hussey form after The Sisters of Mercy split up?

#20 Name the band


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    • Hey Jo, pretty good, sorry for the late reply, the comments only just showed up. Technical hitch. Highest score I’ve heard about was 16.

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